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Get the PKRA World Tour Official T-Shirt

The PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association) has recently announced that a limited edition PKRA World Tour Official T-shirt for men and women has gone on sale. It is available for purchase on the PKRA website here.

You could get one for yourself and show that you’re a PKRA fan, or you could get one as a gift for one of your friends. On a personal note, I have to say that a PKRA World Tour Official T-shirt would make for an awesome gift. I for one would love to get one.

The abovementioned PKRA World Tour Official T-shirt was created by internationally renowned kite, wind, and wakeboarding equipment manufacturer Mystic. The excellent quality you can expect to get from Mystic products, you can expect to get that same level of quality from the T-shirt.

Mystic, alongside Best Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding, Nobile Kiteboarding, and Ozone, is a PKRA industry partner. The PKRA thanked Mystic and its other industry partners for supporting the World Tour and for supporting their efforts to make kiteboarding a mainstream sport.