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Get Some Cool Wallpapers from Mystic

Some time ago I reported on the launch of the Surfing theme which is offered free of charge to Windows 7 users. The nice thing about that theme, apart from the fact that it presents some very nice images of waves, is that it comes with an cool audio-scheme. You can hear seagulls, crashing waves, and drops of falling water for example.

I mentioned back then that you could use the audio-scheme of the Surfing theme with other images. And this is where equipment manufacturer Mystic comes in – you can get some pretty cool kiteboarding and windsurfing wallpapers from Mystic here. Below are just two examples.

If you’re on Windows 7, you could get the wallpapers Mystic has to offer and have the operating system cycle through them. That’s one of the new features of Windows 7; it can automatically change the wallpaper. Use the wallpapers in conjunction with the Surfing scheme and you have a winnign combination.

As a little side note, it must be said that Windows 7 “forgets” custom sounds schemes. Jennifer Shepherd, site manager for the Windows Personalization Gallery, explains how to address Windows 7’s amnesia here.