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Gisela Pulido to Give Away Lycra from PKRA Germany

As you may already know, pro rider Gisela Pulido won the World Champion title at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup, event that took place in Germany this August. What you may already know as well is that Gisela likes to stay in touch with her fans via popular social networking site Facebook and popular micro-blogging site Twitter.

Here’s the news. Gisela recently announced that when she gets 3,000 followers on Twitter, she will give away the lycra she used in Germany. Here’s her announcement: “Thanks a lot for the 2,400 followers on Twitter! I propose something, when I reach the 3,000 I'll give the lycra of the comp in Germany”.

At the time of writing this, Gisela has 2,490 followers on Twitter.