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Going 72ft High with an Airush Lithium

Do you have any idea what it’s like to go 72 feet (almost 22 meters) up in the sky with an 8m Airush Lithium, a kite described by the developer as “ultimately superior, ultimately precise”? Well, Ryan Toaspern knows what it’s like to go that high using an Airush Lithium kite.

Ryan Toaspern a.k.a. Toast took an Airush Lithium out for a ride on a windy winter’s day in Maui. On a jump he went 72 feet high and on another he went 67 feet high. You can check out a video of Toast reaching for the sky with his 8m Lithium here (or click the thumbnail in the related videos section below).

For additional information on the 2011 Airush Lithium, click here. A review of the kite is available on Epikoo here.