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Guy Cribb Says NO to Poole Harbour Marina

According to a proposition made by Poole Harbour Commissioners, a 950 berth marina is to be built some 200m off Hamworthy Park in Poole, Dorset. The problem with this building the marina is that it will put and end to any windsurfing and kiteboarding activities in the area.

For that reason 14-time British National Windsurfing Champion and 5-time World Champion Guy Cribb is strongly opposing the construction of the marina and showing his support for the “Drop a Piano on this Marina Plan” petition. It is no wonder Guy Cribb feels so strongly against the construction of the marina, since the harbour is where he started to sail dinghies as a child and Poole Yacht Club is where he started to compete.

"It will totally stop all windsurfing and kitesurfing from Hamworthy Park and Poole Yacht Club, the very place that I honed my skills to ultimately represent the British Team in countless world and European championships, firstly as a racer then as the national coach", said Cribb for This is Dorset.

"An assertion that windsurfers would be able to sail in the ‘lagoon area’ created by the breakwater was clearly made by a non-windsurfer. I am currently the world’s leading windsurfing coach and multi-times UK champion. I am rather better placed to make any judgement on what is good for windsurfing in the area", added Cribb.

If you would like to show your support as well, make sure to sign the petition.