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Higher Staring Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch

Born in 1978 and hailing from Germany, Gunnar "Chinatown" Biniasch is one of the most spectacular pro kiteboarders today and the Flysurfer Kiteboarding Team Manager. His fascination about flying kites started when he was only 12 years old, and he started kiteboarding back in 1999.

He later moved to Fuerteventura to work as a kite instructor at the Flag Beach Kitesurf Center and then in 2004 he joined Peter Lynn Kiteboarding. In 2009, Gunnar joined the Flysurfer team. In 2010 he became the German Race Champion and also the Flysurfer Team Manager. In 2011 he finished 2nd in the German Championshi, 16th in the World Rakings and 12th in the PKRA and 9th in the KTE.

This year, Gunnar suffered a serious injury resulting in a severe herniated disc and had to undergo back surgery. He has finally recovered and now he is back on the kiteboarding scene. He started working on his new airstyle / old-school project called “Higher”. “Higher” is a movie about having as much fun possible boosting and tricking in overpowered conditions. It is a movie that shows fans that kitesurfing and kiteboarding is not just about the tricks, it's about going big and having fun.

You can see what this movie is all about and check Gunnar in action in the “Higher” trailer available in the related videos section below.