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I Believe I can Fly – A Hydrofoil Story

I Believe I Can Fly is an upcoming film showcasing the beauty and challenge or riding a hydrofoil. The hydrofoil provides a special way to glide the water granting the rider a feeling of amazing lift onto a winged surface. It is like experiencing a new dimension of kitesurfing.

The hydrofoil creates a new and special sensation unrivalled by classic boards. Riding the hydrofoil is like flying on the surface of water. It provides a huge drag reduction, improved speed and upwind performance and more.

But you should probably check out what riding a hydrofoil is all about in the related videos section below. The trailer clip stars Florent R., Jonathan F., Laurent M., Pierre L., Philippe C. and Valère C. and it is shot in Bouches du Rhône (Carro, le Jaï), Gironde (Lac de Lacanau, Lac d'Hourtin, Lacanau Océan) and Haute Vienne (Lac de Saint Pardoux).