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Idani Capellan Joins Wainman Hawaii

The guys at Wainman Hawaii, one of the most renowned brands in kiteboarding industry, are proud to welcome Dominican Idani Capellan to the team. At just 18 years, Idani shreds hard the beautiful waters of Cabarete in every windy day. He is talented and hard working and begins to master freestyle and wakestyle disciplines very well.

The Wainman crew is very happy to have him aboard. Idani rides the ManiaC, Wainman’s latest kite model, a superb freestyle and wakestyle machine that matches his great skills. A quick word from Wainman: “Be sure to remember his name as he is a star on the rise and we hope to see him soon on the PKRA tour!”

Idani is also stoked to be part of the Wainman team: “I feel very happy about joining the Wainman Hawaii Team. I love the kites, the graphics, the feeling of having all the beach eyes on you while you go all out throwing tricks and having fun. I'm really stoked to be sponsored by Wainman Hawaii and ride these really cool kites and boards. Also, I can train everyday with my own ManiaC and Joke quiver of all sizes on any wind conditions, and get pics and videos for my family, friends and everyone to see me kiting with my Wainman Hawaii kites. I love it.”