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IKA Terminates Agreement with PKRA/VKWC

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) officials have announced that that the contract between IKA and the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA), today Virgin Kitesurf World Champioships (VKWC), has been terminated.

Upon this termination, World Championship rights for all kiteboarding disciplines including Freestyle, Big Air, Wave and Slalom immediately revert to IKA and neither the PKRA nor its new ownership, currently known as Virgin Kitesurf World Championships, are able to conduct any further World Tour once the event in Tarifa is over.

Here’s what the IKA officials state: “Following the acquisition of PKRA by new ownership, PKRA changed the branding of its competition, and continued to conduct competition events under this brand, in material and persistent breach of the existing contract. The IKA has attempted since September 2014 to reach agreement on a new contract that would enable PKRA to, among other items, conduct competition events under its desired branding. However despite these repeated attempts, PKRA failed to both rectify their consistent contract breaches or agree a new contract.

The IKA recently served PKRA a final formal remedy period of 28 days in which to rectify their consistent breaches of the existing contract. After receiving no response from PKRA that were capable to remedy the breaches, the IKA has no legal option but to terminate the contract.”

However, IKA assures riders that with the PKRA now not able to conduct World Tour events, the IKA will secure a seamless and continued world tour for all riders.