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Innovation with Damien Leroy

Hailing from Vail, Colorado and currently residing in Jupiter, Florida, Damien Leroy is one of the most progressive American riders today. He started riding around 15 years ago and has dedicated himself to the sport. A couple of years after he started riding, Damien established himself as one of the top kiteboarders in the world.

Over the past years, his career took him all over the world, to places like Israel, Australia, Greece, all over Europe, Honduras, Brazil, the Caribbean and more. Damien won many important titles in freestyle, course racing and slalom racing. He recently claimed the World Kiteboarder of the Year and Slalom World Champion titles.

Damien is always open to innovation, just like he shows us in his latest clip, a clip in which he rides a twin tip off a hydrofoil. It might seem crazy, but Damien does it with style. You have to see it to believe it.

A quick word from Damien: “There is no better feeling when you have an idea and you make it come to life! A slim chance off a hydrofoil board.”