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Innovations with Aaron Hadlow

As everyone knows, Aaron Hadlow is an icon of modern kiteboarding. He won the PKRA World Championships five times and he is one of the most daring and experienced riders on the pro scene.

Aaron is also an athlete open to innovation and always looking to push his style and skills to new levels. He has a true passion for sport and wants to demonstrate that nothing is impossible in kiteboarding.

Over the last weeks, fueled by determination, he has been working on a new rotation that has led him to land some tricks never seen before. And you can check out his new Double Back to Blind, Double KGB and some sort of variation of a Double Back Mobe in the clip below.

A quick word from Aaron: “Progression and innovation is what has kept me going for so long in this sport. I’m so happy that even at this stage in kiteboarding there is still room for more.”