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James Boulding Releases Interesting New Video

Liquid Force Kiteboarding-sponsored pro rider James Boulding has spent the winter in Australia, training alongside Sam Light and Tom Court. He said it was quite nice to escape the cold weather of the UK – but I digress. The news is that a completed video detailing the trip has been posted online. The video is called Down Under Achievers – you can check it out on Epikoo here (it’s also at the bottom of this article)

As a little sidenote, here’s what Sam Light said about James Boulding:

“James Boulding (or Jamie to me) is the most frustrating bloke on the planet. From first seeing him play the trumpet (yes people, the guy has played Jazz Trumpet professionally!) to seeing him throw down on the water he does it in style; but meet him and he is the most unassuming and modest guy ever. The most loyal friend in the world and annoyingly impossible to hate he seems to get away with taking the piss out of everyone and being a grumpy git, and yet everyone seems to walk away liking him. Most importantly NEVER expect to go out and shark with him, he is useless at talking to girls!”