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Janek Lisewski Found and Rescued

After spending days lost at sea, Nobile-sponsored Polish kitesurfer Janek Lisewski has been found and rescued. The Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radosław Sikorski officially confirmed that the rider was found alive.

Janek Lisewski was attempting to kitecross the Red Sea, from El Gouna Egypt to Saudi Arabia. But something went wrong and on Friday, March 2nd, Janek sent out an SOS message – after that he continued to send GPS signals occasionally. Even though the Arabian Lifeguard was notified about Janek’s predicament, it was unable to locate him.

Nobile, the Polish Kiteboarding Society, and the rider’s family asked anyone who could help, to try and lend a hand because the Saudi authorities were unable to find Janek. A $10,000 prize was even offered to the crew that would save the life of the Polish kitesurfer.

After two days of searching, the rider was found alive and brought back to land, to a hospital in the Saudi Arabian town of Duba to be more precise. The Saudi authorities found him some 60km off the coast. 16 units and 2 helicopters were needed to find the rider.

Janek is a kitesurfing instructor and an experienced rider. He is known for kitecrossing the Baltic Sea alone, from Poland to Sweden.