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Josh Nehf: My Top 5 Favorite Things about the 2011 Spitfire

Josh Nehf a.k.a. 'Cornfed' who was born in Santa Cruz and likes to kite at Waddell Creek, is a member of Caution Kites’ team of pro riders. The 2011 Spitfire is the latest SLE C-shaped hybrid kite to be released by Caution, a kite described by the manufacturer as “one of those epic models that offers our customers break through performance, ease of use, and durability.”

The news is that Caution has made public a video in which Josh Nehf lists his top five favorite things about the 2011 Spitfire kite. In the video, which you can watch by clicking here or by clicking the correct thumbnail in the related videos section below, Josh says he likes the following about the 2011 Spitfire:

  • 1. Amazing amount of low end for big guys.
  • 2. Nice range.
  • 3. The colors and the good looks of the Spitfire.
  • 4. The short bridles that don’t get tangled easily.
  • 5. The turning speed.

For additional information on the 2011 Spitfire, click here. A review of the kite is available on Epikoo here.

If you would like to check out a video profile of Josh Nehf, click here or click the correct thumbnail in the related videos section below.