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Karolina Winkowska’s 2013 World Tour Memories

Polish rider Karolina Winkowska has followed an ascending path into the world of kiteboarding since she first began riding in 2004. She proved to be a very determined and talented rider who works hard to achieve her goals.

The past year has been good to Karolina, and her passion and determination paid off, as she finished the year as 2013 PKRA Vice World Champion. We are sure that this year she is ready to ride better and faster and she wants a shot at the supreme world title.

And during the past season she gathered a bunch of cool and fun memories. They’re all wrapped up in a nice edit which you can check out below. It presents some of her best performances and you can see that she takes the sport and the competitions very seriously.

Her recipe for success in the sport is simple: “Kitesurfing is my passion, the thing that I do basically for pleasure.” And you can’t go wrong if you follow your passion.