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Karolina Winkowska Is Successful AND Popular

All the awards that Polish pro kiteboarder Karolina Winkowska has won are proof enough that she is a successful rider. Skimming through her results, one cannot but notice that she won the Polish Ford Kite Cup and that she won the Polish Champion title for the past four years (that would be 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010).

More proof that she is successful comes from the PKRA official site. To be more precise, from her profile on the PKRA site where it says that she is 3rd in the freestyle ranking. She should have ended the year on 2nd place, but her overall score was upset by a bad finish and she came in 3rd instead of second.

Not only is Karolina very successful, she is also quite popular. Proof comes from the readers of IKSURF International Magazine who, as part of the IKSURF Readers Awards 2010, voted Karolina as the Best Female Rider of 2010.

In issue 25, IKSURF noticed that Karolina won the award because of her “powerful, technical and stylish” riding and that her riding “stands out for the power and style she exudes.” IKSURF also noticed that she is one of the most exciting female riders on the PKRA World Tour.

“Thanks everyone who voted for me and I promise I won’t disappoint you in 2011!” said Karolina on her blog.