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Kevin Langeree Next On Naish TV

In episode 6 “Snowkiting Ragnarok” we saw pro riders Jalou Langeree and Jo Wilson fly to Norway to take part in one of the most extreme snowkiting races in the world, the 2011 Red Bull Ragnarok. In the upcoming episode 8 “Day One” it is time for Jalou’s brother Kevin Langeree to shine. As a little side note it must be said that there are, as of this week, seven Naish Kiteboarding TV episodes out there; you can check them all out in the related videos section at the bottom of this article.

Getting back to “Day One”, this 8th episode is scheduled to be released on the 25th of May, 2011. The episode is entitled Day One because it focuses on Kevin’s first day on the water after being forced to stay out of the water for several months. The pro rider underwent knee surgery and spent a grand total of 8 moths in rehab. It was back in April that he got all better and he could finally go out and have some kiteboarding fun.

At the time Kevin said that he is “super stoked to be back again” and that “whoop whoop that feels good.” He recounted that his first day out on the water was “perfect for my 12m.” The pic above is of Kevin enjoying himself on his first day back on the water.

Can’t wait for episode 8 to be rolled out to see how Kevin did on his first day on the water after an 8-month break.