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Kite Durability Testing by Cabrinha

Cabrinha has recently released the 2013 kite line. And they are really proud of it and for the right treasons. The new 2013 kite models offer exceptional performance and are built to last. For the new season, Cabrinha has implemented a new construction technology based on a Skeletal Frame foundation. This new technology allows them to build lighter and more durable kites, due to the strategic placing of reinforcement weight materials into a framework that surrounds the lighter weight canopy materials.

To test the durability of the new kites, Dave Hastilow, Cabrinha Product Manager, has set on a research and destroy mission. He intentionally set out to destroy a kite, but it seems that it is not an easy task with the new tech. Check out the Kite Durability Testing clip released by Cabrinha to prove the durability of the new kites in the related video section below. There’s a lot of crashing, smashing and bashing.