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Kite Flying around the Peaks

When you think at kiteboarding you usually think at water and land based sessions involving tricks and all sorts of stuff that don’t get you hanging in the air for a lot of time. Well, Christophe Grange had the courage to explore a different side of kiteboarding, that of flying.

He literally flew over mountain peaks with his kite, blurring the line between kiting and paragliding. We did not think this was possible until we saw him actually do it. You can check out his kite flight by yourself in the related videos section below.

Christophe Grange’s adventure is amazing, but we don’t advise you to try it, unless you are a very experienced rider and have good knowledge of paragliding too. Christophe himself warns that kites are not made to fly and he checked the weather and kite before his daring stunt and he also was equipped with a parachute.

Check him out as he takes snowkiting to extreme below.