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Kite Like a Girl: Karolina Winkowska

Hailing from Poland, Karolina Winkowska is one of the best female kiteboarders in the word. Powered by Slingshot, Karolina has trained hard and has truly dedicated to kitesurfing to become the rider she is today. Anyone who has seen Karolina Winkowska ride knows just how hard she rips. No wonder she is the number two freestyler on the PKRA charts.

This girl is as powerful and skilled as they come and boasts a bag of tricks most male pros can’t match. For the past three years Karolina has traveled the world killing it at local spots and dominating the PKRA. And there is no wonder the guys at Slingshot are proud to have her on their team. She gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘kite like a girl’, as they say: “When we say we have someone on our team that, "Kites like a girl," we say it with pride! So what exactly does it mean to “Kite Like a Girl?" Well, it means to kite like Karolina… Don't we all wish we could?”

And we guess all of us would like to kite like her. Check out the clip below to see what we are talking about.