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The Kite Map – Discover New Kitesurf Beaches

The Kite Map is a brand new web app developed by Rex Kirby, one of the original Cabrinha UK Team Riders, who is also an accomplished filmmaker, web designer and photographer. He works with clients like Red Bull and BKSA, but also wants to give back to the kiteboarding community, since kiteboarding is one of his greatest passions.

That’s how the Kite Map was born. This web app is developed by Rex, but it is a resource made by kiters for kiters. It allows users to add beaches to the map in minutes, browse beaches by wind direction and location. This way, kitesurfers across the world can gain access to valuable information. And there is no sign up required; you just need a Google account.

The Kite Map is in early development, so be patient until it reaches its full potential. Rex encourages everyone who uses to provide feedback for further improvement. Visit the Kite Map, discover new places to kitesurf, add your favorite ones and have your say.