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Kiteboarding Legend Needs a Helping Hand

Ever since he was born on the shores of Huntington Beach in California, Jim Bones has loved watersports. At first he enjoyed surfing the waves in California, then he moved to Hawaii to enjoy even better surfing conditions. He later learnt to windsurf and even started his own windsurfing school, and then in 1996, Jim Bones started to kiteboard. He has kiteboarded about 250 to 300 days per year since then. In all he spent more than 4,000 days of his life kiteboarding.

The news is that Jim Bones’ kiteboarding adventure may come to an end. You see, the Maui kiteboarding legend has been diagnosed with lymphoma stage 4 and has been fighting with cancer for the past two years. Instead of going out on the water to have some kiteboarding fun, Jim Bones has to deal with doctor appointments, hospital visits, blood transfusions, expensive medical treatment, and other things of the sort.

Fighting against cancer is a tough and expensive battle for Jim Bones and he needs a helping hand. Help this prominent member of the Maui community for 30 years get back on the water. You would be helping someone who is generous, kind, friendly, helpful, high spirited, fun-loving and a passionate kiteboarder.

You can help by going to and making a donation. Any amount of money will do, but as The Kiteborder Magazine said, “please reach deep and help now.” Maui residents will have the chance to make donations at various locations around Maui, T-shirts will be sold to help Jim Bones out, and a flatbread benefit may be held as well.