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Kiteracing Oceanic Championships – Winners Crowned

The inaugural edition of the Kiteracing Oceanic Championships was a complete success. This five day competition transformed Leighton Beach, Fremantle, Australia into the scene of a superb speed kiteboarding show, with elite riders from all over the world competing at a world class level.

German rider Florian Gruber took out all but three races in the event. He claimed the Kiteracing Oceanic Championships title in style. This is a major success for him. He is only 19 years old and this victory will definitely boost his career.

At the end of the event he stated: “It was good to win the last race, and now I'll party. I do enjoy the light wind a bit more, but I trained more in strong winds and now have the perfect package. This event is so nice, so well organized, everything about it is great - the location, the conditions. I've a few days now before I fly home, so I'm super relaxed.”

On the Women’s side, there has been fierce competition between Aga Grzymska and Ariane Imbert. Polish rider Aga Grzymska proved stronger in the end, winning 11 of 17 overall races and claiming the Championships title. At the end she said: “This is the first time I have won an international event - it's a big thing for me. I had plenty of worries going into today's races that I would drop my kite and get second place, but I was really happy with my racing today.”

Kiteracing Oceanic Championships Results:

1. Florian Gruber (Germany) 16 pts
2. Olly Bridge (Great Britain) 33 pts
3. Riccardo Leccese (Italy) 54 pts
1. Aga Grzymska (Poland) 24 pts
2. Ariane Imbert (France) 36 pts
3. Nuria Goma (Spain) 70 pts
Under 21:
1. Florian Gruber (Germany)
2. Olly Bridge (UK)
3. Maks Zakowski (Poland)
Masters (35 and over):
1. Ric Black (Australia)
2. Ejder Ginyol (Turkey)
3. Alty Frisby (Australia)