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Kitesurf Wonders with the Cabrinha Crew

As we all know, the North Shore of Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. This is a place that forges characters and shapes legends. Some of the best watermen in the world hail from Hawaii. This is also the home of Cabrinha Kites, one of the most prestigious kiteboarding brands in the world.

Hawaii offers diverse natural scenery, a warm tropical climate, an abundance of public beaches, attractive oceanic surroundings, but, perhaps most important, amazing waves, waves that every water sports enthusiast in the world dreams to conquer.

Well, Cabrinha riders of Keahi de Aboitiz, Reo Stevens, Moona Whyte and Pete Cabrinha have set on these waves and challenged them with success. It is all wrapped up in a short, yet exciting and action packed short film simply called ‘Hawaii’.

The movie is presented in three acts, each one depicting the beauties of kitesurfing in the paradise of Hawaii, as the guys at Cabrinha say: “In the first act of this kitesurfing short feature we see how easy a love affair with the ocean or with a pretty girl begins. II, Fade from black and white to full color. And III, has the goods wrapped in barrels of fun. Its intoxicating lure calling us out to ride.”