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Kitesurfing and Yoga with Kirsty Jones this September and October

Here are a couple of quick news from Kirsty Jones, three-time Kitesurf Wave World Champion, winner of multiple National and Master of the Ocean titles, and overall an exceptional waterwoman who has a soft spot for yoga.

Starting in chronological order, the first news is that Kirsty Jones and Helen Thompson will hold exclusive kitesurfing and yoga courses in Scotland, at Tiree Kitesurf Academy, this September. From the 10th until the 14th of September the two will hold kitesurfing lessons for intermediate riders. Then from the 17th until the 21st of September they will hold waveriding kitesurfing lessons for advanced riders. The kitesurfing lessons will be accompanied by yoga courses. A more in-depth presentation of the lessons and courses Kirstin Jones and Helen Thompson will teach is available here.

The second news is that “The Kirsty Jones Kitesurf and Yoga Experience” will be organized on the northern coast of Peru from the 3rd until the 9th of October. It will be an epic trip that will incorporate kitesurfing coaching, yoga training, surfing, SUP, and exploring some of the best spots in Peru. Additional information on this one is available here.

All those who take part in any Kirsty Jones-organized event help a good cause. That’s because Kirsty donates 15% of her profits to the Sea Shepherd charity.