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Kitesurfing Tricks of the Trade with Tom Court

Tom Court is one of the top pros on the international kitesurfing scene. He has spent a lot of his life traveling the world in search of the perfect kiting spots and competing in world class competitions.

As he has ‘browsed’ the world training and competing, Tom has always tried to capture important moments on tape. As you have guest, filmmaking is another of his passions.

Well, Tom, together with his Ripslix crew have recently put together a cool little series of instructional videos called Tricks of the Trade. It is intended to be a database of most freestyle tricks in kiteboarding and it can help you earn any of the more basic unhooked tricks, all the way up through some of the most difficult and obscure tricks in Kiteboarding.

You can check the latest of these instructional videos, the ‘315 or Shifty 540’ below, and you can also access the full collection on the Ripslix website.

We hope you find these tricks useful.