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KTA Launches the Traveler

Traveling is a key element in the life of any kiteboarder. Whether it’s with the purpose to compete, train or just enjoy a nice holiday. And traveling the world in search of the perfect winds and waves has always been a never ending quest for every fan of the sport.

Well, the guys at the KTA – Kiteboarding Tour Asia have decided to help you with your travel quest. They have launched the Traveler, a special service that provides you with the option to book just the kite holiday package with them. And you can choose from many cool locations.

KTA Traveler works with certified tour operators throughout the world to provide you with peace of mind and a local contact where possible. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to book an amazing kiteboarding holiday in exotic places and at an affordable price.

Through the KTA Traveler program you can enjoy cool kiteboarding lessons for all levels, starting with beginner and ending with pro in amazing locations such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines and many more.

You can check out KTA’s Traveler 2014/2015 program on the KTA official website where you can also download the full brochure.