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KTE Announces 2013 Schedule

KTE - Kitesurf Tour Europe - the official European Championship Tour in Kiteboarding Freestyle, is ready for a new thrilling season and the KTE officials have announced the 2013 schedule. Riders are in for a change in 2013. The Freestyle and Course Racing competitions will be run at the same time in order to offer a fair competition for all participants.

The KTE team and resources will be managed for both disciplines. Entry fee will be the same as last year: 75€ for the first discipline and 30€ for the second discipline.

Here is what Rike Kuberg, Kitesurf Tour Europe manager, has to say about the 2013 season: "I look forward to be even more involved in the planning and organization of the Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013. I had always a great time with my team and some unforgettable moments. I hope this year we will have the same fun and success as last year."

Check out the competition calendar for 2013:

KTE France - Almanarre - 30th May-2nd June
KTE Germany - Sylt - 2nd-7th July
KTE Spain - Castelldefels - 10th-13th October
KTE Netherlands - TBC