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Lift Off – This is Foilboarding

A foilboard or hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil attached in the fin area and which extends into the water. As soon as the rider reaches a certain speed, the board leaves the surface of the water, giving the kiter an ultimate sensation of flight.

The foilboard has impressive upwind performance and it is extremely fast, but all that at the expense of control. It is safe to say that only experienced riders, who master the art of kiteboarding use these machines in search of the ultimate thrill.

And Lift Off follows some of the best foilers in the world as they push the limits of sailing. The movie features riders Damien LeRoy, Jon Modica, Patrick Rynne, Brian Kamilar, Brad Funk, and Anthony Kotoun and it is shot using a GoPro Hero 3+ Camera.

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