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Lost and Found Starring Patri McLaughlin

Hailing from Philadelphia, Patri McLaughlin is a determined rider, who always loves a good kiteboarding challenge. He rides for North and he is a regular on the KSP World Tour. His need for adventure and adrenaline took him all the way to Indonesia a while ago.

The guys at Maui Mini Movie followed him, knowing that they will witness an epic kitesurfing journey. Taking a trip off the rock, Patri McLaughlin gets lost and finds wind and waves in Indonesia. And massive carves, hacks and hold downs follow, as Patri manipulates the shallow reefs and racks up some serious barrel time.

And you can check it all out in the clip below, courtesy of the guys at Maui Mini Movie. A quick word from them: “Culture and kitesurfing collide, as Patri rides the beauty and raw power of the Indo surf. Out of time and money, Patri returns from the adventure and finds the land of lefts to be timeless.”