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Lowestoft Lifeboat saves kitesurfer

On the 18th of May, 2008 a kitesurfer fell from his board and got into a bit of a jam off the coast at Corton. Luckily for him a lot of people noticed his predicament and called the emergency services. He was two times lucky as one of his friends jumped to his aid and pulled him to safety before the Lowestoft Lifeboat got there. I guess the moral of this story is that no matter if the cavalry is on its way, help is always welcome and if you know that you can be of any help, by all means go ahead and help out a fellow kiteboarder in need.

The official Lowestoft report 18th May 2008, Paged at 1333 hours, for Kite surfer in trouble, off Corton. On scene at 1350 hours, where we found out that all was now ok. One surfer had detached him-self from his kite to stop being dragged out to sea. We found and recovered his kite and took back to station. Gorleston ILB, also on scene. Lowestoft & southwold mobile coastguard units in attendance on beach with surfers.

Back on station 1408 hours.