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Luderitz Speed Challenge 2015: New Records Set

As Namibia became the scene of fast paced windsurfing and kitesurfing action with the arrival of the Luderitz Speed Challenge and some of the fastest riders in the world descended upon the notorious speed channel, it was inevitable to witness the rise of some new records.

With winds blowing in the 40-knots range over the past days, new world, national and personal records were set. Windsurfers Antoine Albeau and Karin Jaggi improved the speed windsurfing records in the male and female divisions with 53.27 knots and 46.31 knots respectively.

With the competition under way, 100 km/h mark (53.99 knots) is nearly hit, but more action is still to come. Here are the records so far:

Speed Sailing World Records at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge
Antoine Albeau (France): 53.27 knots (Windsurfing)
Karin Jaggi (Switzerland): 46.31 knots (Windsurfing)

National Records at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge
Patrik Diethelm (Italy): 52.33 knots (Windsurfing)
Farrel O'Shea (Great Britain): 51.20 knots (Windsurfing)
Christian Bornemann (Germany): 50.20 knots (Windsurfing)
Boris Vujasinovic (Croatia): 48.99 knosts (Windsurfing)
Martin Hulinsky (Czech Republic): 43.52 knots (Kiteboarding)
Andrew Redfern (Fiji): 41.46 knots (Windsurfing)

Personal Records at the 2015 Luderitz Speed Challenge
Sylvain Hoceini (France): 53.04 knots (Kiteboarding)
Thierry Bielak (France): 49.94 knots (Windsurfing)
Christophe Richaud (France): 49.28 knots (Windsurfing)
Manfred Merle (Germany): 48.62 knots (Windsurfing)
Laurent Fesquet (France): 46.55 knots (Windsurfing)
Christian Maillet (France): 41.67 knots (Windsurfing)
Heidi Ulrich (Switzerland): 37.21 knots (Windsurfing)