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Matchu Lopes in Fortaleza

Matchu Lopes Almeida is one of the best wave riders today. His impressive and daring style has propelled him into the top sports of the wave discipline. Hailing from Cabo Verde, Matchu has dedicated his life to kiteboarding. Today he is a proud member of the North Kiteboarding team and competes in world class events.

As said, Matchu is a wave expert, but is always trying to discover new things and experience new thrills. Perhaps that is why he visited the Brazilian city of Fortaleza. There he met with the kite dream team and hit the cable park for the first time in his life.

You can imagine that it was a fun and unique experience. And he seems to have quite some wake skills. After all wakeboarding is kinda related to kiteboarding. His visit to Fortaleza will be featured in a full clip, but until it hits the web, you can check out the teaser in the related videos section below.