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Maui Mini Movie Presents Uprising

Uprising is a movie like you’ve rarely seen. It is presented by Maui Mini Movie and it represents the visual story of winter 2012. The movie covers pretty much anything kiteboarding is about, from Pro Pool to wicked strapless action that sends you a chill down the spine.

Uprising is about going big, about forgetting everything and enjoying the best kiteboarding has to offer. As the Maui Mini Movie team says, “In Maui go big or go home”. The movie stars Patri McLaughlin, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Cruser Putnam, Ryan Toaspern, riders that always “go big” and it is directed and edited by Rick Dobrowski.

You can watch Uprising in the related videos section below. You will enjoy more than half an hour of pure kiteboarding action.