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Mauritius One Eye Pro Begins Today

If you were to ask a regular person what day today is, that person would answer that its September 23rd, Friday. If you were to ask a windsurfing fan, he would probably say that it’s the day when the biggest event on the PWA World Tour kicks off. But if you were to ask a kitesurfing fan, he would undoubtedly tell you that today is the day when the Mauritius One Eye Pro, the first event on the KiteSurfPro (KSP) Professional Wave Tour begins.

The Mauritius One Eye Pro is the first out of three KSP Wave tour events. It takes place at One Eye, a world-class kitesurfing location directly in front of the Indian Resort and Spa at the base of the Le Morne Mountain. During the event the best 24 male and the best 12 female kitesurfers out there will battle it out and show off their wave riding skills.

The list of riders is made up of the following:


  • Airton Cozzolino (Cabo Verde)
  • Bruno Bordowsky (Brazil)
  • Etienne Lhote (France)
  • Guilly Brandao (Brazil)
  • Gunnar Biniasch (Germany)
  • Gustavo Foerster (Brazil)
  • Herve Boure (France)
  • James Donaldson (USA)
  • Jeremy Eloy (France)
  • Jesse Richman (Hawaii)
  • John Amundson (Hawaii)
  • Juan Pabloo Diban (Chile)
  • Lee Harvey (United Kingdom)
  • Marc Ramseier (Switzerland)
  • Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil)
  • Max Bonieux (Mauritius)
  • Mitu Monteiro (Cabo Verde)
  • Nans Laviolette (La Reunion)
  • Nuno Figuereido (Portugal)
  • Oswald Schmith (South Africa)
  • Patri McLaughlin (Hawaii)
  • Patrick Desvaux (Mauritius)
  • Sebastien Schmitt (La Reunion)
  • Sky Solbach (USA)


  • Elsa Saintville (Mauritius)
  • Erika Lindberg (Sweden)
  • Ines Correira (Portugal)
  • Kelly Wren (USA)
  • Kristin Boese (Germany)
  • Maayke Tadema (Netherlands)
  • Marie Gautron (France)
  • Melissa Gil (USA)
  • Muriel Vandenbempt (France)
  • Ninja Bichler (Germany)
  • Steph Bridge (United Kingdom)
  • Suzanne Kuiper (Netherlands)

KSP Head Judge Brad Price decided that due to light wind forecast, no competing will be done on day 1 of the Mauritius One Eye Pro. The forecast for the next few days looks promising though.

If you want to check out live action from the Mauritius One Eye Pro, then you must know that the event will be streamed live at