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Microsoft Has Patch Tuesday, Reno Romeu Has Picture Tuesday

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft has a program called Patch Tuesday, that goes something like this: every second Tuesday of the month patches and fixes for Windows and other Microsoft-developed products are released to the public. The aforementioned patches and fixes are delivered to users via Windows Update.

North-sponsored freestyle kiteboarder Reno Romeu doesn’t have a Patch Tuesday program, he has something called Picture Tuesday. This means that on each Tuesday, Reno posts a nice looking photo on his site at

Here’s the picture he posted this Tuesday, June 7th.

And here’s the picture he posted a week before, on May 31st.

And here’s the picture he posted a week before that, on the 24th of May.

See what I mean when I say “nice looking photo”? Check Reno’s site every Tuesday to see more great photos.