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Mondial du Vent 2012: Competitors Register

The first event on the 2012 PKRA World Tour, the Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup, has come to an end with Youri Zoon and Bruna Kajiya claiming the top spots on the podium – and that means it is now time to move on to the second event on the tour, the Mondial du Vent, one of the most legendary and long held tour stops.

The news is that the competitors have registered for the competition. On the PKA registration day in Leucate, France, plenty of man and women riders arrived ready to compete. Before that, they got to familiarize themselves with the location and conditions (strong wind, slight chop, chilly weather). Alongside the aforementioned competitors, there were event vendors, tourists, kiteboarding fans and curious onlookers in Leucate. The competition is expected to draw hundreds of onlookers over the coming days.

The first official day of the Mondial du Vent competition is tomorrow, when the trials will begin. The riders will battle it out for a share of the Mondial du Vent’s prize purse of $37,000. According to PKRA representatives, the competitors are “determined to shake things up” and give their best to grab a spot on the podium.

There’s a notable change to how the competition will be run, change that deserves mentioning: the women’s heats will be a bit different from the men’s. The women will get 9 tricks attempts in a heat and the best 5 will count towards the final score.

And since we’re talking about rules, the PKRA explained that the implementation of the new judging guidelines will continue at the Mondial du Vent 2012 competition. “For many competitors, adapting to this system for the first time in Dakhla was an eye-opening learning experience, one which will greatly enhance riding strategies for this week’s event.  In fact, many riders now have a better idea of what tricks will provide the best showcase of their talents and skills to earn the most points possible,” said the PKRA (Professional Kiteboard Riders Association).