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Mondial du Vent 2012: Trials Begin

The trials began at 11:30 sharp on the first official day of competition at the Mondial du Vent, in chilly weather that forced the competitors to wear jackets and hoodies instead of board shorts and sandals. The condition varied throughout the day, competitors having to deal with heavy gusts during the trials.

The judges got a very close look at the tricks the riders pulled, seeing as the judging  tower was only a few feet away from the action. And speeking about tricks, the one to display an impressive level of riding and amaze with his power, speed, execution and style was Ewan Jaspar. The powered S-Mobe that Ewan pulled was a standout trick of the day. Ewan said that he's quite happy with how the trials went even though he did not get to complete all the tricks he had in mind.

Another rider who handled the gusty conditions very well and impressed the judges was Luis Alberto Cruz. The rider from Cabarete wowed the judges adn the spectators with one-handed kite loop handle passes and other spectacular maneuvers.

By running the trials, the number of competitors in the men's division was narrowed downd from 32 to 14.  There are only 8 competitors in the women's division, so running the trials was not necessary. They spent the day watching the action and planning their upcoming performances. Asia Litwin, who came in 3rd in Dakhla, said that she plans to execute her best tricks and hopes the wind conditions will be favorable. Bruna Kajiya, who won the Daklha Kiteboarding World Cup 2012, said she believes there will be a higher quality of riding now that the new judging system has been implemented (the women get 9 tricks attempts in a heat and the best 5 will count towards the final score).