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Naish Introduces the Fly Light Wind Kite

Internationally renowned kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Naish recently unveiled a kite that’s meant to be used in light to marginal wind conditions – the Fly. Naish explained that the Fly, a swept compact C-shape kite based on the Park design, offers the power of an 18m kite and the turning of a 12m one.

One of the main characteristics of the Fly is that it is incredibly lightweight. Naish managed to achieve this by removing the center strut. This means that the center section of the canopy acts like a spinnaker, generating a lot of power in light wind conditions. It is the kite with the highest power to weight ratio on the market, Naish explained.

Even though the Fly is a two-strut kite, it is not unstable. You don’t need struts to make a kite stable – you need the right platform. And the Fly certainly has the right platform – the Park platform that has proven its worth over time. Based on the easy handling design of the Park, the Fly remains stable and balanced.

Also because it’s based on the Park platform, the Fly is fast to turn. Naish worked on the bridles to make it turn as fast as possible.

The one to come up with the Fly is kite designer Damien Girardin. In a Naish interview, when asked why he came up with the Fly kite, Damien Girardin had the following to say:

“The Fly idea came from the idea that riding in light wind should be fun. To me, just because the wind is light, you shouldn't necessarily have to use a kite designed for racing - that is slow turning, heavy and not fun to ride.”

Additional information on the Naish Fly light wind kite is available here.