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Naish Kiteboarding TV Season 2 Episode 8 is Out

Internationally renowned kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Naish just released the 8th episode of  Naish Kiteboarding TV season 2. Entitled “SA Melting Pot”, this episode features Sam Light, Rick Jensen, Kevin Langeree, and Jalou Langeree. From an equipment point of view, it features the Naish Torch kite, the Naish Arcade, Money Shot, Raskal, and Global boards, and the Naish KL Pro harness.

In episode 8 “SA Melting Point”, the aforementioned Naish riders talk about South Africa and about how cool it is to get together and ride in one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world.

“They come from different countries, speak different languages and each have a totally unique styles, but when Naish teammates Sam Light, Rick Jensen, and Kevin & Jalou Langeree come together in South Africa, it's a full on fusion of skill,” says the episode’s official description.

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