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Naish TV: Episode 8 Featuring Kevin Langeree

The 8th episode in the 2011 Naish Kiteboarding TV series has been released and is available for your viewing pleasure – just click here or click the thumbnail in the related videos section at the bottom. This episode is entitled “Day One” and puts the spotlight on pro rider Kevin Langeree.

There is a very good reason why this episode is entitled “Day One” and that reason is that it focuses on Kevin’s first day on the water after being forced to stay out of the water for several months. The pro rider underwent knee surgery and spent a grand total of 8 moths in rehab. It was back in April that he got all better and he could finally go out and have some kiteboarding fun.

Besides Kevin Langeree, the Naish Torch Kite and the Naish Thorn 132 star in episode 8, which was directed by Olivier Sautet.

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