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A New Era for Pro Kitesurfing Begins in 2016, IKA States

IKA officials have announced that starting with 2016 it will crown world champions across all disciplines: Freestyle, Big Air, Wave and Slalom. According to the official statement, events will be held all over the globe and pro riders will have the chance to prove their performance in a new, more efficient environment. Officials have also confirmed the end of the contract with VKWC (formerly known as the PKRA).

The new world tour will include events in Turkey, Italy, the Middle East, Egypt, Cabo Verde and Australia. This is no easy task for the IKA, as the expectations of riders and spectators alike are really high.

The official statement from IKA sounds like this: “Events are planned to be held on all five continents, with the main focus remaining on the coveted Freestyle World Championship Title […] Where conditions allow, Big Air, Wave and Slalom disciplines will complement most events program. Some venues will only host individual discipline events to showcase the sport at its best and to take advantage of each locations prevailing conditions […] A key focus is set on evolving the rules for the individual disciplines, as well as the judging criteria and judging systems which were controversially discussed in the 2015 season […] IKA will collaborate with riders committees, industry representatives and event organizers to include all stakeholders input into the shaping of the sport and invites all parties to an open dialogue in the lead up to the 2016 competition season.”