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New Gin Guru Kite Coming this Spring

March marks the first month of spring, at least in the northern hemisphere it does, and boy does Gin Kiteboarding have a surprise for you: a new Gin Guru kite will be released in March, 2012.

The Swiss kite company says that the kite will be just as versatile and will offer just as much performance as the other Gin kites. The Zulu 3 for example will remain in Gin’s kite range for 2012 and you can expect the Guru kite to remain faithful to the spirit of versatility and performance Gin kites such as the Zulu are known for.

Gin Kiteboarding made public a few other details about the upcoming Guru kite. Here’s the lowdown:

  • It will have a compact shape and moderated aspect ratio, which is good for high turning speeds.
  • Gin Kiteboarding will select the right components so that the kite is extremely stable.
  • It will be very easy to relaunch the Guru.
  • The bar feeling will remain light (as a little side note, Gin Kiteboarding kites are known for this). The change is a more progressive bar feeling that will definitely be appreciated by freestyle and waveriders.
  • It will be made from the best, most durable materials on the market. Standard reinforcements, additional reinforcements on the leading edge, and a choice of only the best materials, will ensure the kite is bulletproof.

Click the thumbnail in the related videos section below to check out a video presentation of the upcoming Gin Guru kite.
Additional information on the Guru and on the other kites Gin Kiteboarding has to offer is available here.