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Nobile Kiteboarding Prepares the 2014 Gear Line Launch

Nobile celebrates 10 years on the kiteboarding scene in 2014. Over the past 10 years, the guys at Nobile dedicated themselves to kiteboarding performance and managed to set industry-wide standards with their products.

They are ready to welcome 2014 with a new line of innovative, high performance gear, with kites, boards and accessories that will take your riding to a new level. As they say, they will open a new chapter in kiteboarding history.

As a spoiler, you should know that for the very first time they will introduce carbon and a split board line. Packed with the most innovative technologies, carbon and split kiteboards are designed to meet the needs of the modern kiteboarder and enhance his or her skills.

Until the new line of Nobile gear hits the market, sit back and enjoy the Nobile Team rocking the 2014 collection in Paros, Greece. It is an action packed and fun video.