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Nobile Presents the “Tribe & Futurism” 2018 Collection

The last decade at Nobile was marked by dynamic growth. The guys at Nobile have shown how much they can improve in this beloved sport and how many innovations they are able to present. They have been continuously putting in a lot of effort to make kiteboarding – in all its variants – a popular and mass sport discipline.
Here’s what they say about their new “Tribes & Futurism” collection:


Nowadays the need to be a member of a group is probably stronger than ever. Groups gather around subculture codes, while relations are based on passion and understanding a common system of values. Young people function as contemporary tribes for whom we dedicate our TRIBE product line. Instead of rituals they share a common passion; instead of a totem there is a kite spot, while tribe colors are replaced by the system of graphic signs and references. TRIBE is a mystical line with a reference to primal values and a close bond with nature. It creates the “tribe idea” – a group of young people sharing a common passion. This line represents all features of our boards: dynamics, great pop, speed and user comfort.


This line has been born from the excitement of the movement and of dynamics. It combines futuristic fascination for mechanics and geometrical precision with minimalistic graphic solutions. There you can find a reference to machine technical schemes, as well as a beauty of the physics, recurrence of wave, momentum and power. It’s the love for energy, rhythm and precision of repeating that connects people who search for movement and adrenaline in their lives, as well as those who want to improve their moves. The purity and formal synthesis bring out the elegance of the line and graphic sophistication. This line is dedicated to those who look forward to the future, like Leonardo da Vinci. It expresses our passion for innovation in design, advanced materials and top-quality manufacturing processes.

Check out the promo video below.