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North’s Athletes Ride in the US Episode

The guys at North Kiteboarding have prepared a new flick for us kiteboarding fans. It is called the US Episode and it is a clip shot entirely on the US East Coast. It is not just a simple marketing clip presenting the high performance North gear, but a movie that showcases the incredible talent and skill of some of the best kiteboarders today.

The clip features NKB team riders Colleen Carroll, Mario Rodwald, Stefan Spiessberger and Reno Romeu and it portraits them in action, powered by the North kites and boards. Stefan Spiessberger is one of the best European riders and possibly the best rider in Austria. He is a regular on the PKRA and KTE scene. Colleen Carroll and Mario Rodwald are two great athletes too, who also compete in world class event on a regular basis and Reno Romeu is another amazing rider. He is currently ranked #6 on the PKRA Freestyle chart.

All of them are proud to be part of the North team and have an amazing set of skills. You can see them in action in the US Episode that will be available on the web. Until them you can get a taste of what’s to come in the teaser below.