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Orange Speed Crossing Pro 2012: Kiteboarders Win

Just like in 2011, Leucate, in the Southern part of France, was the battle ground for a competition that pit kiteboarders against windsurfers – the Orange Speed Crossing Pro 2012. Also just like in 2011, the ones to triumph in the competition where the kiteboarders. So to recap, the Orange Speed Crossing Pro was once again held in Leucate, France (this would be the 4th edition of his kiteboarders vs. windsurfers competition), and the ones to win where the kiteboarders.

Back in 2010 it was the windsurfers, lead by World Champion Antoine Albeau who won the competition. Then in 2011, the kiteboarders were determined to win the competition – and so they did. In 2012 they were determined to keep on winning, and keep on winning they did. Kiteboarder Rob Douglas took first place at the Orange Speed Crossing Pro, coming on top after four validated races and thus beating the aforementioned Antoine Albeau.

Orange Speed Crossing Pro 2012 – Final Results

  • 1. Rob Douglas (kiteboarding)
  • 2. Anders Bringdal (windsurfing)
  • 3. Antoine Albeau (windsurfing)
  • 4. Cedric Bordes (windsurfing)
  • 5. Jamie Douglas (kiteboarding)

The rider who placed 5th, Jamie Douglas, just in case you were wondering, is the younger brother of the competition’s winner, Rob Douglas.

It was not an easy win for Rob Douglas. Antoine Albeau managed to find a good speed and timing and kept the lead. But in the end, in the last minutes, Rob Douglas stole the lead from Antoine Albeau. In the gusty Tramontana wind, Antoine managed to keep the lead during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th run – but lost it the last few minutes.

In related news (bad news I’m afraid), Alex Caizergues injured his knee while competing in the Orange Speed Crossing Pro. His foot got stuck in the straps, he suffered a hard crash, and injured his knee.

Last year it was Alex Caizergues who took first place at the Orange Speed Crossing Pro 2011, while Rod Douglas came in 2nd. Alex beat Douglas by only six hundredths of a second. The aforementioned Antoine Albeau came in 4th.

In the related videos section below you can check out a video from day 2 of the Orange.