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Ozone Chrono – The Tech Talk

The 2014 Ozone Chrono is designed to break new boundaries in the world of kiteboarding. It is Ozone’s first closed cell depower foil kite and it is built to excel on all surfaces. It is the ultimate light wind performance kite for all terrain. It is also an amazing boosting machine and impressive racing platform.

The Chrono is developed using top notch CAD software and the best fabrics available. It features a high-aspect ratio and 47 cells that provide a reliable and efficient flight. Special internal span-wise straps are used to distribute the load evenly into the canopy for a controllable and balanced ride. The kite uses high performance bridle lines to keep drag to minimum. It also features a very fast realunch, aided by the innovative wing tips drainage system.

The Chrono packs much more features and it delivers incredible upwind performance, low-end grunt and huge float in jumps. It will make your light wind sessions fun and exciting without doubt.

But we’d better let the specialists do the talk and explain you some of the features of this new foil kite. Ozone Kite Designer Rob Whittall talks through the design and tech features of the all new Chrono kite in the video below.