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Patrick Rebstock Ripping in Portugal

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, Patrick Rebstock is one of the most talented freeriders on today’s kiteboarding scene. The rider has recently tested the 2013 Slingshot gear in his trip to Portugal.

Patrick packed the 2013 Rally and headed out to rip the waves. It turns out that the 2013 Slingshot Rally is the rider’s weapon of choice. Here’s what he says about it: "I am so excited about the 2013 Rally Kite, it just feels so good to ride in the waves. The smooth predictable handling and incredible stability makes the 2013 Rally Kite my weapon of choice. I rely on the Legendary Slingshot Construction and Surf Tough Reinforcements which give me the toughest and most durable kite that i can depend on day after day."

And it makes sense. The 2013 Rally, featuring technologies like the Reflex Wingtip, Splitstrut, Pulleyless Bridle and Connect Forward attachment points provides a wonderful experience out on the waves. Check out Patrick mastering the Rally in the clip below.