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Patrick Rebstock Signs with Slingshot

Kiteboarding equipment manufacturer Slingshot announced that it has a new member on its team, mainly aerialist Patrick Rebstock. Slingshot said it is stoked to have Patrick on its team, especially since Patrick represents a new breed of aerialist kiteboarders and since he is constantly pushing the limits of strapless riding. Now that Patrick is on Slingshot’s team, he will travel with the Slingshot Global Team and ride in remote but properly good kiteboarding spots all over the world.

When asked to talk about joining the Slingshot Global Team, Patrick had the following to say:
“I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Slingshot crew. We share the same stoke for surfing and they have some of the most innovative products in the market. I’m studying Industrial Technology in school and have always been impressed with the quality and construction of their products. Slingshot supports core riders and it shows in the sick products they offer. Super stoked to be riding and developing product with them.”

Patrick recently qualified for the REAL Kiteboarding Triple S event, but unfortunately he will not compete in the aforementioned event. That’s because school comes first. Patrick has to take his finals, and since school comes first, the REAL Kiteboarding Triple S event will just have to wait. Patrick said that perhaps he’ll be able to complete in the REAL Kiteboarding Triple S event next year.

Another rider who has recently signed with Slingshot is Mauricio Abreau; he joined the Slingshot Global Team back in May and had nothing but good words to say about Slingshot. And more to the point, he said the following:

“Slingshot and I have always shared the same passion for the progression of the kiteboarding. My friends and I always try to take our vision to the water and Slingshot had always done the same with their products and their company’s image. They are by far the leaders in innovation and they have done more for kiteboarding then any other company I know. I feel good to be with such a core company. Today I see so many good riders with companies that really don’t care about what they doing or where they trying to take the sport. Slingshot cares! They are responsible for some of the greatest expansions in kiteboarding, including major innovations that help make the sport safer and more convenient while attaining the highest level of performance available. They were the first to build a rail for kiters (1998), they were (and still are) the main supporter the progression of the surf side of the sport to its roots, they have helped riders become world champions and they are the only company to bridge the cap between cable and kite.”